We  deliver school supplies to elementary students in Ethiopia because every child deserves the right to earn an education

Join us for food and games at Charlotte’s first Ethiopian cultural festival! All proceeds go to buying school supplies for students in Ethiopia.

Results of 2017

50 people helped us raise over $2000 and we were able to buy school supplies for 200 students in 5 schools in Addis Ababa and Hosana. 

We believe education is a human right. Thirty-two percent of primary school children in Ethiopia are out of school. Many drop out because they can’t afford the cost of attendance. Every year we purchase and deliver essential school supplies so these kids can get an education. 

How We Work

Throughout the year we partner with individuals and organizations to raise money. We attend festivals, hold fundraisers, and sell merch through our website. 

In June we travel to Ethiopia and purchase school supplies with the money we raise. 

We go to different towns and cities in Ethiopia and distribute the supplies. 

Shop our store

100% of proceeds from our online store go to buying school supplies


“My name is Helen Samuel
I used to come to school with torn up uniform
And oftentimes without having the full uniform
We looked like we were lesser than our friends
But now you’ve alleviated that
So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Helen Samuel

Student at Bitweded Primary School

“We are joyful, 
may you be filled with joy 
You spent countless time and money on us
You made us feel human
May God visit you
We left the old; put on the new
With your kind deed, we now look like students
Your kind deed made us valuable
Now, with your deed, we are ready to learn”

Poem by Student

Bitweded Primary School

“The title of the poem is: “We are proud”
We are wearing respect;
ashamed no longer
Our bodies are covered; we are born again
We learn without shame; fear no longer
We give you our respect;
be as proud as you’ve made us
May God give you long lasting health;
May you live like Matusala”

Poem by Student

Bitweded Primary School